Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

We deliver a high-quality dry-cleaning service to all garments. Each item is checked and spotted for stains, which are treated accordingly. Before being dry cleaned and pressed to perfection by hand. Your items are then carefully packaged and then returned to you. We are encouraging our customers to return coat hangers for re-use & recycling to reduce the amount of single use coat hangers.

Delicate items

We clean all delicate items separately and the delicate service includes protection to delicate buttons or elaborate beading.
We are always diligent to the care label on items, and our team have extensive knowledge on different fabrics and stain removal processes. For special occasions and your favourite garments we recommend you speak to one of our team.

Tough Stains

Allow professionals to remove tough stains and marks early, before they become embedded. We advise you not to treat stains yourself, but to get them to us as soon as possible, for the best chances of removal.